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By Teresa Bowen


This hardcover 9X12 coffee table book explores the story of the fall and redemption of man as a collective and of each one of us individually. It is presented as an illustrated drama in four acts with three scenes each. Many of the illustrations have been left unfinished to allow each reader to personalize the story. The Fourth Wheel Story is universal to all, yet unique to the individual, so the perfect “finish” empowers readers to complete the story with their own sparks of creativity and genius. With that in mind, we have provided the tools with which you may begin your finish. A prayer for engaging creativity is found in the beginning of the book and a prayer for salvation is at the end. The book makes a great gift both for those who are walking in salvation and for friends and family you are praying for.


“In the summer of 2010, the wheels from Ezekiel chapter one were coming alive and revealing their functions to us. We held our breaths, unabated in an endeavor to tell the story of the fourth wheel. Once we completed the story and three-fourths of the graphics to illustrate it, our path shifted and it was left partially unfinished….Holy Ghost once again prompted for the story to be told, for this wheel to roll.”  Teresa Bowen



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