In June of 1990 we were sent by Apostle F. Nolan Ball from the Rock of Panama City, Florida to establish this new work. We were sent as sons, with the message of the Kingdom of Yahweh. This message had to do with the government of Yahwehs love for us. This government came via the pointing of a Prophet and the establishment of an Apostle.


The Prophet quickly identified the three strongholds of the enemy in this area. Religion, pride and greed. We discovered there were already 660 churches and 40 Catholic churches in Mobile. We had not come to add to the religious scene. Religion was well established and greed and pride received its strength and life through the religious institution.


We had been sent to be a witness in Mobile against darkness. Rightful heirs subduing, taking dominion and redeeming. Today those powers of darkness still appear to be present, but we as witnesses are also still here. We are not here to destroy the powers of darkness, the word and Spirit of Yahweh will accomplish that as we hear and obey the voice of Holy Ghost.


Our heart has been to rescue those who have a heart to be sons and daughters of Yahweh. In Romans 8, the scripture speaks about sonship and what happens when sons mature in their walk with Him. It says “the creation will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of Yahweh.”