We are a private Christian school offering a Christ-centered curriculum for students from over 70 nations. We started the school in 1995 because there was a need for students to learn in a safe and positive environment. In addition to receiving a quality education, our goal is to ensure that our students also grow as individuals. We want our students to recognize self-worth and receive permission to become who they are.

Legacy Learning is expanding an established education model that has proven to be both unique and successful for over 24 years. We are a K5-12 school that is established by the word of Yahweh and guided by Holy Spirit. As you have chosen to educate your child in the safety and protection of your own home, we can provide an elite curriculum to ensure the establishment and advancement of learning. Our qualified teachers and tutors are available to ensure that each student possesses the knowledge that is made available. Each student is given a placement exam for us to determine the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. As we identify each, we are able to create a unique learning model that will enhance both areas. 


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