This ministry, Gates of Zion, which I founded with my wife, Robbie, along with our children, has been my life for 32 years. I knew that Yahweh had given me this ministry but I also knew that it was only mine to steward. I operated under The Rock of Mobile for 28 years. In 2018, I knew by the effects of new revelations that this name was finished and the new name would be Gates of Zion. Change, once again, has come due to more extensive revelation. Now, I rejoice to work with the next generations who will steward this pioneering place into historic places that they are designed to inhabit. A mature and seasoned spiritual son, Apostle Damon Thompson, will lead from this amazing place. Damon has been a faithful son to me for decades and is finally coming back home. This day has come and I’m so fulfilled and I’m rejoicing. I will cheer them on and be there with them as this habitation, Homestead, is established in glory and greatness: for this will always be home. 

When Yahweh was introducing more and more revelations to me, a day came when I knew I had reached an impasse. I greatly love the people that our Father has entrusted me with for 32 years. I am so blessed to have so many who love me enough to stay with me no matter what and for that I am forever grateful. One day Yahweh, in a very loving and clear voice, gently spoke to me that it was time to celebrate the next generations. It was time for me to honor their sites and sounds in them. In knew in order for this to succeed, they must have the seat of authority and reigns in which to lead. He said that He had gifted them with the ministry to the heart of man. He reminded me that He loves the world and desires wholeness to all.  

This accomplishment enables the depths that are beckoning me to proceed without question or hesitation. Yahweh, in His greatness, has opened paths that were not available for discovery, until now. This place is deep within Mount Zion. Yahweh is mount Zion. King Yehshua has already made a way and He is that way. This place is called Choshek, the place of darkness that holds the treasures of our scrolls. I’m called to this deep place to find what is calling for us from the depths of Yahweh’s heart. It is mysterious but awesome. This is what has been calling me. I believe what is there, desires to make itself known in the earth, as it is in Heaven. Depths of Zion is my new ministry name for the change that has come into my life and ministry.

If this place is calling you too then let us go in together that we may return the Words back to our Father in which He will complete. 

I have associates that I will call on to assist in searching out paths that they are accustomed to. Teresa Bowen and Elijah Ward are two of those associates. I appreciate their help along with many others that will find their way into the group. 

I will be engaging this path, with whosoever desires, on zoom calls and occasional speaking engagements around the world. If you are curious of what this may be about, then join with us and see that we are all students learning amazing things together that can forever change the cyclic paths of life into Chaye Olam, Life everlasting. If you would like to join my zoom calls, please go to www.depthsofzion.com.

Blessings and Shalom,
Aaron Smith 
Yomtred, my Eber name